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Title: Gazes
Author: Silvan Arown Elendal
Fandom: Breath

Genre: Poem
Pairing: Jon x Luc
Rating: none



by SAE


I'm not the one he seeks with those blue green
labradorite gems that pass for eyes.
I know it's not me, as he stands
dressed down for all I know, blue jeans, plain
shirt. He's not plain at all.
He stands up, stands
A head taller than any in the gaggle of girls
that surrounds him.
Only one is a friend, the rest like I am, but less scared
at least they can
tell him.
If only I could.

There he is, across the room tucked
into his own corner as always.
He won't come over, and even as Sarah urges me to
lose my fan club. I can't go over there.
I catch him looking up.
Eyes that are lapis lazuli laced with quartz trails.
I can't help my smile, but I can do no more.

And I'm sure of every girl who hangs around him,
that I'm the only one who can see.
An underlying current like a gem seam,
a winding path that runs between.
Neither knows it, but that gentle smile, the way he
turns away. I know it's true.
There's something
going on here.




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