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Sep 01 2012


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  Aug 22 2012
I'm back from my summer vacation and feels great to get back to my old routines. This has been a very creative summer, hopefully this will reflect upon the site. There are a couple of pages in the works and the script is turning out quite nicely. In this update you'll get page 34 along with a new featured link, the next chapter in Tanderlov Music's fanfic and Emily's and Bastian's rooms are updated.
Jul 23 2012
This time around there is something really cool in store for you guys! In the Fanart section the new fic "The little Spoon" has been added. Written by TandlerovMusic,  i's the first chapter of many to come. Besides that, I hope you enjoy page 33.
  Apr 10 2012
One might almost think we were going with weekly updates. One could also hope it will last :)   Enjoy page 32 and Maya's room! Nine years in the making <--- 
Apr 02 2012
So I know this is way overdue, but I really needed the hiatus. I'm really glad some of you still visit, it really means a lot! I will do my best not to let Breath lie fallow for too long, there are several pages prepared so we should be ok.
If you haven't already, sign up to the forums and have a chat with other readers! There are two new pages up this time around, so make sure you don't miss page 30 :).

  Jun 13 2011
A small update but an update none the less. Jessica's room has finally been given a long awaited overhaul. New pictures and new clickies. Go enjoy!

Jun 12 2011
Ahaha! Finally summer's here, and only a couple of weeks until vacation and freedom! Been drawing quite a lot, there are several pages in the pipe, I'll do my best to keep them coming throughout the summer.
The featured links
will continue to get updates! The new links art can be found in the "my fanart" gallery
Apr 24 2011
First of all, thanks to all of you guys who donated to the site! There have been some trouble with mailing out the incentive art, if you've donated and haven't recieved your art, please let me know!
New to this update, besides the new page, is the relaunch of the links section! To highlight some of my favourite sites I've added some new art. The new pictures can also be found in full in my fan art gallery. Hope you enjoy this new update!

  Apr 13 2011
So this is not your regular update, but I thought it would be nice to do something little in between pages.
I've felt the need to do something special for all of you who donate regularly. I really appreciate it and all contributions help me run the site. So starting now, donors will be sent special art not found anywhere else on the site. The incentive art will be of the adult variety :) Check out the restricted section for details on how you can get your hands on the sexy pics!

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