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Age: 20

Height: 1,64m

Born on: Jan 12th

Eyes: Blue


No one  knows exactly what happend with this singers old band, did they leave her for American Idol, or did she abandon them for joining the show? Point is that this stray singer will now do anything to fulfill her dream; to become a real pop star, marry Chad Michael Murray and have enough money to hire a hit man to take out Britney Spears. Until then she spends her days working in a day care center and at the Pond as a waitress and DJ at night. She lives in a rebuilt boathouse in the dock with her old fling...


"This isn't music! Treachery, that's what it is!"



Carl McArwood


Age: 22

Height: 1,86m

Born on: Nov 1st

Eyes: Blue


This aimless and rather perplexed young bass player have huge problems getting ahead in life... at least according to his parents from which he escaped. Wanting to lead a free life with as few obligations as possible Carl still lives with his old girlfriend Siren and is probably the only one who knows her real name. Carl works as a substitute music teacher, but beside from that he just hangs around the Pond with Siren. 

Random "likes" are tatoos, Cradle of filth, Manson, his Dukati, his spoon necklace and 80's cartoon He-Man...


"...but all the other kids get to throw eggs at RonaldMcDonald!"










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