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Title: Touch
Author: Hepzeba
Fandom: Breath

Genre: Romace
Pairing: Jon x Luc
Rating: PG



I don’t remember how it all begun, and to be honest, I don’t care. All I care is that he is here, where he should be. He’s running his hands slowly down my chest as his lips search mine. I turn my head away from his lips, teasing him. He chuckles, his breath touches my skin like feathers and I can’t help but shudders. He presses his lips softly to my throat, opening his lips and taste me with his tongue. I think I groan softly as he chuckles once again and presses his lips harder against my skin, bites it softly, just to mark me as his. And I am.

“Look at me” he whispers and places soft kisses to my shoulder. “Look at me.”

I open my eyes and look straight into his blue ones. He smiles and kisses my forehead, softly, lovingly.

“I love you” he whispers before he leans in closer to press our lips together.

I close my eyes and open my mouth, feel his tongue against mine. It’s amazing how just one touch can mean so much. His fingers caress my cheek and down my neck to my chest. His lips go lower to kiss my throat once again. He leads me to his bed and pushes me down before straddling me. He smiles teasingly before he leans down to kiss me.

“I love you” he whispers once again.

“I love you too” I whisper back, hardly keeping my voice steady.

He smiles at me once more and then kisses me passionately, making me forget everything else. He has that effect on me. His lips go lower again as his hands caress my sides. Tugging on my jeans, he smiles at me teasingly. I can merely nod. I raise my hand to pull away some strands from his face. He bends down and kisses my belly, teasingly dipping his tongue down my navel.

“Lucas” I moan softly and then blushes, but he merely smiles and continues to go lower with his lips and tongue.

I wake up with a start by the alarm. Hand fumbling till the annoying noise stops. I lay there for a moment. My breath is slowly going back to normal as I realise the truth. Lucas isn’t there, he never was, nor was I with him. It hurts like hell. I go up and into the shower, try to delete all memory of him. But when I step out of the shower, he’s still with me.




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